Communication is Key

In an increasingly connected world, it’s never been more important to be able not only to speak your client’s language, it’s also vital that you know how to communicate across cultures. If you want your words to hit home, then you have to know how they are received.

We can help your business scale new heights. Operate internationally, across borders and cultures – with ease.

How we speak about things is shaped by our culture. When we translate into our second language, our words can easily become lost in translation. The problem is not the word; instead it’s the idea that the word represents. An idea that we pick up from our native language; and sometimes also from our local and regional cultural habits.

We communicate with our voice, with context of culture. Some cultures need more words to express an idea, others just one or two. When these two cultures attempt to talk without being aware of each other’s background, then misunderstanding – and with it frustration –  can arise. To avoid this each speaker needs to look at the other person’s language and cultural habits in order to tailor their approach to communication.


It’s not only making yourself understood, it’s understanding as a whole. Appropriate forms of greeting; what mix of polite and friendly you should use; how to make people feel at ease; how to get them to open up. It’s an art form. But it’s one you can learn – and it’s one that we’ve been both living and teaching for years.


At international conferences, symposiums and trade fairs, you need to reach out, and you need to talk. But how do you do that – especially in a language that isn’t your own? That’s exactly what we teach you – not just the language but all the tips and tricks of how to fall easily into conversation with people from other countries and cultures – and how to leave them warm, comfortable and remembering your name.


A faux pas is something that it’s hard to recover from. Let us illustrate how to avoid making them – and how to recover if you think you’ve taken a step wrong. We’ll make sure you feel at ease in any and every business situation, no matter where you are in the world – using a tried and tested system that will never let you down.

We’re ready to talk

Pick up the phone and give us a ring. Shoot us a mail. We’re waiting to hear from you. We speak fluent English and German and we’re always ready to chat – no hard sales talk, no pushy sales people.

“Ich danke dir sehr für deinen tollen Unterricht! Durch dich konnte ich mein Fundament an Wörtern „in die Tat umsetzen“ und fühle mich nun viel sicherer im Small talk!”

Sylvia Kucharski
Sales Northern Europe, Thermo Fisher Scientific