Private And Group Coaching

Private And Group Coaching 


Presentation Coaching 

Communication Is Key offers short term focused workshops in English communication tailored to the student’s individual or group needs.

Often there are presentations to prepare and practice in English and it is beneficial to practice this presentation several times while editing and honing the delivery. We can focus on language, delivery, pronunciation, and other aspects to guarantee that the presentation successfully conveys what the speaker intends. This has proven to be instrumental in promoting greater confidence of the speaker.

Sessions can be as many as needed but  1 to 6 will often suffice, depending on the length and complexity. We can work with specialised language whether it is technical, scientific, general business, or any other aspect of English usage.


Intercultural Communication for Business and Personal Needs

Whether relocating to a new country or simply working outside your normal location, knowledge of the cultural landscape and how to navigate it is always helpful. We look into the language and cultural spectrums, revealing strategies for getting the best out of contact with cultures outside your own.


Small Talk

No matter what you do, if you need English for business or pleasure, small talk is the real key to success. Our students have often found that they can work well in Business English but when the all-important socializing after work hours is to be done, they feel less sure of themselves to talk about the little things. It is in the small talk where be build and deepen relationships. We concentrate on often-used phrases, familiarization with current events and the extension of vocabulary that is not related to the work environment.


English Studies Online or In Person

We can offer Beginning to Advanced Studies in English at your location, where possible, or online. Private or groups can be arranged at your convenience.